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Martin Waltz’s tips on becoming a good street photographer (http://streetberlin.net)

1. ignore all tips on how to become a great street photographer
2. observe the world around you mindfully
3. do not judge
4. great ego, great photography: choose one
5. learn composition
6. shooting film will not improve your photography
7. shooting leica will not improve your photography
8. embrace failure
9. shoot a lot
10.have something to say

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  1. Hallo Mr. Geiger,
    Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Would like to get touch with you again. It seems your old E-Mail address is not good anymore.

    How are you. Are you back in Asia again? Where are you?

    I would like to hear from you.

    Claus Greiner
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma \, USA

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